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README_mac.txt for version 8.1 of Vim: Vi IMproved.

This file explains the installation of Vim on Macintosh systems.
See "README.txt" for general information about Vim.

To build from sources, like on Unix

1. Get the build tools: "clang" and "make".  These can be installed with the
   "CommandLineTools" package.   If you don't have one, do
	xcode-select --install
   Just like for any software development with OS X.

2. Get the source code.  Best is to use git (which you need to install first),
   Or you can download and unpack the Unix tar archive, see

3. Go to the top directory of the source tree, do
	sudo make install
  A newly built vim will be installed under "/usr/local".

If you can't manage to make this work, there is a fallback using Homebrew:

1. Install Homebrew from
2. Install latest Vim with:  brew install vim