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patch 8.2.0400: not all tests using a terminal are in the list of flaky tests Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Wed Mar 18 19:18:10 2020 +0100 patch 8.2.0400: not all tests using a terminal are in the list of flaky tests Problem: Not all tests using a terminal are in the list of flaky tests. Solution: Introduce the test_is_flaky flag.
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:30:04 +0100
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" Functions about terminal shared by several tests

" Only load this script once.
if exists('*CanRunVimInTerminal')

" For most tests we need to be able to run terminal Vim with 256 colors.  On
" MS-Windows the console only has 16 colors and the GUI can't run in a
" terminal.
func CanRunVimInTerminal()
  return has('terminal') && !has('win32')

" Skip the rest if there is no terminal feature at all.
if !has('terminal')

" Stops the shell running in terminal "buf".
func StopShellInTerminal(buf)
  call term_sendkeys(a:buf, "exit\r")
  let job = term_getjob(a:buf)
  call WaitFor({-> job_status(job) == "dead"})

" Run Vim with "arguments" in a new terminal window.
" By default uses a size of 20 lines and 75 columns.
" Returns the buffer number of the terminal.
" Options is a dictionary, these items are recognized:
" "rows" - height of the terminal window (max. 20)
" "cols" - width of the terminal window (max. 78)
" "statusoff" - number of lines the status is offset from default
func RunVimInTerminal(arguments, options)
  " If Vim doesn't exit a swap file remains, causing other tests to fail.
  " Remove it here.
  call delete(".swp")

  if exists('$COLORFGBG')
    " Clear $COLORFGBG to avoid 'background' being set to "dark", which will
    " only be corrected if the response to t_RB is received, which may be too
    " late.
    let $COLORFGBG = ''

  " Make a horizontal and vertical split, so that we can get exactly the right
  " size terminal window.  Works only when the current window is full width.
  call assert_equal(&columns, winwidth(0))

  " Always do this with 256 colors and a light background.
  set t_Co=256 background=light
  hi Normal ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=NONE

  " Make the window 20 lines high and 75 columns, unless told otherwise.
  let rows = get(a:options, 'rows', 20)
  let cols = get(a:options, 'cols', 75)
  let statusoff = get(a:options, 'statusoff', 1)

  let cmd = GetVimCommandCleanTerm() .. a:arguments

  let options = {
	\ 'curwin': 1,
	\ 'term_rows': rows,
	\ 'term_cols': cols,
	\ }
  " Accept other options whose name starts with 'term_'.
  call extend(options, filter(copy(a:options), 'v:key =~# "^term_"'))

  let buf = term_start(cmd, options)

  if &termwinsize == ''
    " in the GUI we may end up with a different size, try to set it.
    if term_getsize(buf) != [rows, cols]
      call term_setsize(buf, rows, cols)
    call assert_equal([rows, cols], term_getsize(buf))
    let rows = term_getsize(buf)[0]
    let cols = term_getsize(buf)[1]

  " Wait for "All" or "Top" of the ruler to be shown in the last line or in
  " the status line of the last window. This can be quite slow (e.g. when
  " using valgrind).
  " If it fails then show the terminal contents for debugging.
    call WaitFor({-> len(term_getline(buf, rows)) >= cols - 1 || len(term_getline(buf, rows - statusoff)) >= cols - 1})
  catch /timed out after/
    let lines = map(range(1, rows), {key, val -> term_getline(buf, val)})
    call assert_report('RunVimInTerminal() failed, screen contents: ' . join(lines, "<NL>"))

  " Starting a terminal to run Vim is always considered flaky.
  let test_is_flaky = 1

  return buf

" Stop a Vim running in terminal buffer "buf".
func StopVimInTerminal(buf)
  " Using a terminal to run Vim is always considered flaky.
  let test_is_flaky = 1

  call assert_equal("running", term_getstatus(a:buf))

  " CTRL-O : works both in Normal mode and Insert mode to start a command line.
  " In Command-line it's inserted, the CTRL-U removes it again.
  call term_sendkeys(a:buf, "\<C-O>:\<C-U>qa!\<cr>")

  call WaitForAssert({-> assert_equal("finished", term_getstatus(a:buf))})