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This is a MODIFIED version of libvterm.

The original can be found:
- on the original site (tar archive and Bazaar repository):
- cloned on Github:

- Add a .gitignore file.
- Convert from C99 to C90.
- Other changes to support embedding in Vim.

To merge in changes from Github, do this:
- Commit any pending changes.
- Setup the merge tool:
    git config merge.tool vimdiff
    git config merge.conflictstyle diff3
    git config mergetool.prompt false
- Run the merge tool:
    git mergetool
  This will open a four-way diff between:
     LOCAL  - your current version
     BASE   - version as it was at your last sync
     REMOTE - version at head on Github
     MERGED - best-effort merge of LOCAL and REMOTE
  Now find places where automatic merge didn't work, they are marked with
  <<<<<<<<, ======= and >>>>>>>
  Fix those places in MERGED, remove the markers, and save the file :wqall.