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INSTALLami.txt - Installation of Vim from source on Amiga

This file contains instructions for compiling Vim. If you already have an
executable version of Vim, you don't need this.

The file "feature.h" can be edited to match your preferences. You can skip
this, then you will get the default behavior as is documented, which should
be fine for most people.

make -f Make_manx.mak		Manx C
make -f Make_sas.mak		Lattice/SAS C
make -f Make_dice.mak		DICE

The Manx compiler is preferred, it was used to produce the Amiga executable
and has been tested most. You should not get any errors or warnings.

The SAS compiler can be used. Older versions (6.0 to 6.3) don't work with the
optimizer switched on. This seems to be fixed with 6.5 or 6.56, but this has
not been tested much.  Also disable optimizing when the compiler runs out of
memory or crashes the system (yes, that happens; did I say the Manx compiler
is preferred?).

The DICE makefile has been reported to work by one person only.

You will have to set the "VIM" environment variable to the location of the
documentation files.


Use the Make_morph.mak Makefile:
	make -f Make_morph.mak