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patch 8.1.2057: the screen.c file is much too big Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Thu Sep 19 23:06:20 2019 +0200 patch 8.1.2057: the screen.c file is much too big Problem: The screen.c file is much too big. Solution: Split it in three parts. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 23:15:05 +0200
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/* screen.c */
int conceal_cursor_line(win_T *wp);
void conceal_check_cursor_line(void);
int get_wcr_attr(win_T *wp);
void win_draw_end(win_T *wp, int c1, int c2, int draw_margin, int row, int endrow, hlf_T hl);
int compute_foldcolumn(win_T *wp, int col);
void fill_foldcolumn(char_u *p, win_T *wp, int closed, linenr_T lnum);
int screen_get_current_line_off(void);
void reset_screen_attr(void);
void screen_line(int row, int coloff, int endcol, int clear_width, int flags);
void rl_mirror(char_u *str);
void draw_vsep_win(win_T *wp, int row);
void win_redr_status_matches(expand_T *xp, int num_matches, char_u **matches, int match, int showtail);
int stl_connected(win_T *wp);
int get_keymap_str(win_T *wp, char_u *fmt, char_u *buf, int len);
void win_redr_custom(win_T *wp, int draw_ruler);
void screen_putchar(int c, int row, int col, int attr);
void screen_getbytes(int row, int col, char_u *bytes, int *attrp);
void screen_puts(char_u *text, int row, int col, int attr);
void screen_puts_len(char_u *text, int textlen, int row, int col, int attr);
void start_search_hl(void);
void end_search_hl(void);
void screen_stop_highlight(void);
void reset_cterm_colors(void);
void screen_char(unsigned off, int row, int col);
void screen_draw_rectangle(int row, int col, int height, int width, int invert);
void space_to_screenline(int off, int attr);
void screen_fill(int start_row, int end_row, int start_col, int end_col, int c1, int c2, int attr);
void check_for_delay(int check_msg_scroll);
int screen_valid(int doclear);
void screenalloc(int doclear);
void free_screenlines(void);
void screenclear(void);
int can_clear(char_u *p);
void screen_start(void);
void windgoto(int row, int col);
void setcursor(void);
void setcursor_mayforce(int force);
int win_ins_lines(win_T *wp, int row, int line_count, int invalid, int mayclear);
int win_del_lines(win_T *wp, int row, int line_count, int invalid, int mayclear, int clear_attr);
int screen_ins_lines(int off, int row, int line_count, int end, int clear_attr, win_T *wp);
int screen_del_lines(int off, int row, int line_count, int end, int force, int clear_attr, win_T *wp);
int skip_showmode(void);
int showmode(void);
void unshowmode(int force);
void clearmode(void);
void draw_tabline(void);
void get_trans_bufname(buf_T *buf);
int fillchar_status(int *attr, win_T *wp);
int fillchar_vsep(int *attr);
int redrawing(void);
int messaging(void);
void comp_col(void);
int number_width(win_T *wp);
int screen_screencol(void);
int screen_screenrow(void);
char *set_chars_option(char_u **varp);
/* vim: set ft=c : */