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patch 8.2.0897: list of functions in patched version is outdated Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Thu Jun 4 15:22:21 2020 +0200 patch 8.2.0897: list of functions in patched version is outdated Problem: List of functions in patched version is outdated. Solution: Update the function lists only.
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Thu, 04 Jun 2020 15:30:05 +0200
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--- a/runtime/doc/eval.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/eval.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*eval.txt*	For Vim version 8.2.  Last change: 2020 May 25
+*eval.txt*	For Vim version 8.2.  Last change: 2020 Jun 03
 		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL	  by Bram Moolenaar
@@ -2346,7 +2346,6 @@ assert_notmatch({pat}, {text} [, {msg}])
 				Number	assert {pat} not matches {text}
 assert_report({msg})		Number	report a test failure
 assert_true({actual} [, {msg}])	Number	assert {actual} is true
-asin({expr})			Float	arc sine of {expr}
 atan({expr})			Float	arc tangent of {expr}
 atan2({expr1}, {expr2})		Float	arc tangent of {expr1} / {expr2}
 balloon_gettext()		String	current text in the balloon
@@ -2437,12 +2436,12 @@ executable({expr})		Number	1 if executab
 execute({command})		String	execute {command} and get the output
 exepath({expr})			String	full path of the command {expr}
 exists({expr})			Number	|TRUE| if {expr} exists
-extend({expr1}, {expr2} [, {expr3}])
-				List/Dict insert items of {expr2} into {expr1}
 exp({expr})			Float	exponential of {expr}
 expand({expr} [, {nosuf} [, {list}]])
 				any	expand special keywords in {expr}
 expandcmd({expr})		String	expand {expr} like with `:edit`
+extend({expr1}, {expr2} [, {expr3}])
+				List/Dict insert items of {expr2} into {expr1}
 feedkeys({string} [, {mode}])	Number	add key sequence to typeahead buffer
 filereadable({file})		Number	|TRUE| if {file} is a readable file
 filewritable({file})		Number	|TRUE| if {file} is a writable file
@@ -2537,8 +2536,8 @@ histadd({history}, {item})	Number	add an
 histdel({history} [, {item}])	Number	remove an item from a history
 histget({history} [, {index}])	String	get the item {index} from a history
 histnr({history})		Number	highest index of a history
+hlID({name})			Number	syntax ID of highlight group {name}
 hlexists({name})		Number	|TRUE| if highlight group {name} exists
-hlID({name})			Number	syntax ID of highlight group {name}
 hostname()			String	name of the machine Vim is running on
 iconv({expr}, {from}, {to})	String	convert encoding of {expr}
 indent({lnum})			Number	indent of line {lnum}
@@ -2638,16 +2637,16 @@ popup_findpreview()		Number	get window I
 popup_getoptions({id})		Dict	get options of popup window {id}
 popup_getpos({id})		Dict	get position of popup window {id}
 popup_hide({id})		none	hide popup menu {id}
-popup_list()			List	get a list of window IDs of al popups
+popup_list()			List	get a list of window IDs of all popups
 popup_locate({row}, {col})	Number 	get window ID of popup at position
 popup_menu({what}, {options})	Number	create a popup window used as a menu
 popup_move({id}, {options})	none	set position of popup window {id}
 popup_notification({what}, {options})
 				Number	create a notification popup window
-popup_show({id})		none	unhide popup window {id}
 popup_setoptions({id}, {options})
 				none	set options for popup window {id}
 popup_settext({id}, {text})	none	set the text of popup window {id}
+popup_show({id})		none	unhide popup window {id}
 pow({x}, {y})			Float	{x} to the power of {y}
 prevnonblank({lnum})		Number	line nr of non-blank line <= {lnum}
 printf({fmt}, {expr1}...)	String	format text
@@ -2672,8 +2671,8 @@ prop_type_get([{name} [, {props}]])
 prop_type_list([{props}])	List	get list of property types
 pum_getpos()			Dict	position and size of pum if visible
 pumvisible()			Number	whether popup menu is visible
+py3eval({expr})			any	evaluate |python3| expression
 pyeval({expr})			any	evaluate |Python| expression
-py3eval({expr})			any	evaluate |python3| expression
 pyxeval({expr})			any	evaluate |python_x| expression
 rand([{expr}])			Number	get pseudo-random number
 range({expr} [, {max} [, {stride}]])
@@ -2800,9 +2799,9 @@ str2list({expr} [, {utf8}])	List	convert
 					ASCII/UTF8 value
 str2nr({expr} [, {base} [, {quoted}]])
 				Number	convert String to Number
-strchars({expr} [, {skipcc}])	Number	character length of the String {expr}
 strcharpart({str}, {start} [, {len}])
 				String	{len} characters of {str} at {start}
+strchars({expr} [, {skipcc}])	Number	character length of the String {expr}
 strdisplaywidth({expr} [, {col}]) Number display length of the String {expr}
 strftime({format} [, {time}])	String	format time with a specified format
 strgetchar({str}, {index})	Number	get char {index} from {str}
@@ -2835,8 +2834,8 @@ systemlist({expr} [, {input}])	List	outp
 tabpagebuflist([{arg}])		List	list of buffer numbers in tab page
 tabpagenr([{arg}])		Number	number of current or last tab page
 tabpagewinnr({tabarg} [, {arg}]) Number	number of current window in tab page
+tagfiles()			List	tags files used
 taglist({expr} [, {filename}])	List	list of tags matching {expr}
-tagfiles()			List	tags files used
 tan({expr})			Float	tangent of {expr}
 tanh({expr})			Float	hyperbolic tangent of {expr}
 tempname()			String	name for a temporary file
@@ -2860,9 +2859,9 @@ term_gettty({buf}, [{input}])	String	get
 term_list()			List	get the list of terminal buffers
 term_scrape({buf}, {row})	List	get row of a terminal screen
 term_sendkeys({buf}, {keys})	none	send keystrokes to a terminal
-term_setapi({buf}, {expr})	none	set |terminal-api| function name prefix
 term_setansicolors({buf}, {colors})
 				none	set ANSI palette in GUI color mode
+term_setapi({buf}, {expr})	none	set |terminal-api| function name prefix
 term_setkill({buf}, {how})	none	set signal to stop job in terminal
 term_setrestore({buf}, {command}) none	set command to restore terminal
 term_setsize({buf}, {rows}, {cols})
@@ -2885,16 +2884,16 @@ test_null_job()			Job	null value for tes
 test_null_list()		List	null value for testing
 test_null_partial()		Funcref	null value for testing
 test_null_string()		String	null value for testing
-test_unknown()			any	unknown value for testing
-test_void()			any	void value for testing
 test_option_not_set({name})	none	reset flag indicating option was set
 test_override({expr}, {val})	none	test with Vim internal overrides
 test_refcount({expr})		Number	get the reference count of {expr}
 test_scrollbar({which}, {value}, {dragging})
 				none	scroll in the GUI for testing
 test_setmouse({row}, {col})	none	set the mouse position for testing
+test_settime({expr})		none	set current time for testing
 test_srand_seed([seed])		none	set seed for testing srand()
-test_settime({expr})		none	set current time for testing
+test_unknown()			any	unknown value for testing
+test_void()			any	void value for testing
 timer_info([{id}])		List	information about timers
 timer_pause({id}, {pause})	none	pause or unpause a timer
 timer_start({time}, {callback} [, {options}])
@@ -4397,7 +4396,7 @@ feedkeys({string} [, {mode}])				*feedke
 			script continues.
 			Note that if you manage to call feedkeys() while
 			executing commands, thus calling it recursively, then
-			all typehead will be consumed by the last call.
+			all typeahead will be consumed by the last call.
 		'!'	When used with 'x' will not end Insert mode. Can be
 			used in a test when a timer is set to exit Insert mode
 			a little later.  Useful for testing CursorHoldI.
@@ -4433,7 +4432,7 @@ filewritable({file})					*filewritable()
 		directory, and we can write to it, the result is 2.
 		Can also be used as a |method|: >
-			GetName()->filewriteable()
+			GetName()->filewritable()
 filter({expr1}, {expr2})				*filter()*
@@ -5434,7 +5433,7 @@ getmousepos()						*getmousepos()*
 		"screenrow" and "screencol" are valid, the others are zero.
 		When on the status line below a window or the vertical
-		separater right of a window, the "line" and "column" values
+		separator right of a window, the "line" and "column" values
 		are zero.
 		When the position is after the text then "column" is the
@@ -6950,7 +6949,7 @@ mapset({mode}, {abbr}, {dict})				*mapse
 			call mapset('n', 0, save_map)
 <		Note that if you are going to replace a map in several modes,
 		e.g. with `:map!`, you need to save the mapping for all of
-		them, since they can differe.
+		them, since they can differ.
 match({expr}, {pat} [, {start} [, {count}]])			*match()*
@@ -8547,8 +8546,10 @@ searchcount([{options}])					*searchcoun
 		  recompute	|Boolean|	if |TRUE|, recompute the count
 						like |n| or |N| was executed.
 						otherwise returns the last
-						result by |n|, |N|, or this
-						function is returned.
+						computed result (when |n| or
+						|N| was used when "S" is not
+						in 'shortmess', or this
+						function was called).
 						(default: |TRUE|)
 		  pattern	|String|	recompute if this was given
 						and different with |@/|.
--- a/runtime/doc/usr_41.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/usr_41.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*usr_41.txt*	For Vim version 8.2.  Last change: 2020 Mar 15
+*usr_41.txt*	For Vim version 8.2.  Last change: 2020 Jun 01
 		     VIM USER MANUAL - by Bram Moolenaar
@@ -41,6 +41,11 @@ prefer.  And you can use any colon comma
 specific file type.  A complicated macro can be defined by a separate Vim
 script file.  You can think of other uses yourself.
+Note: if you are familiar with Python, you can find a comparison between
+Python and Vim script here, with pointers to other documents:
 Let's start with a simple example: >
 	:let i = 1
@@ -631,6 +636,7 @@ List manipulation:					*list-functions*
 	deepcopy()		make a full copy of a List
 	filter()		remove selected items from a List
 	map()			change each List item
+	reduce()		reduce a List to a value
 	sort()			sort a List
 	reverse()		reverse the order of a List
 	uniq()			remove copies of repeated adjacent items
@@ -687,6 +693,7 @@ Floating point computation:				*float-fu
 	sinh()			hyperbolic sine
 	cosh()			hyperbolic cosine
 	tanh()			hyperbolic tangent
+	isinf()			check for infinity
 	isnan()			check for not a number
 Other computation:					*bitwise-function*
@@ -695,6 +702,8 @@ Other computation:					*bitwise-function
 	or()			bitwise OR
 	xor()			bitwise XOR
 	sha256()		SHA-256 hash
+	rand()			get a pseudo-random number
+	srand()			initialize seed used by rand()
 Variables:						*var-functions*
 	type()			type of a variable
@@ -744,6 +753,7 @@ Working with text in the current buffer:
 	prevnonblank()		find previous non-blank line
 	search()		find a match for a pattern
 	searchpos()		find a match for a pattern
+	searchcount()		get number of matches before/after the cursor
 	searchpair()		find the other end of a start/skip/end
 	searchpairpos()		find the other end of a start/skip/end
 	searchdecl()		search for the declaration of a name
@@ -828,9 +838,11 @@ Buffers, windows and the argument list:
 	listener_remove()	remove a listener callback
 	win_findbuf()		find windows containing a buffer
 	win_getid()		get window ID of a window
+	win_gettype()		get type of window
 	win_gotoid()		go to window with ID
 	win_id2tabwin()		get tab and window nr from window ID
 	win_id2win()		get window nr from window ID
+	win_splitmove()		move window to a split of another window
 	getbufinfo()		get a list with buffer information
 	gettabinfo()		get a list with tab page information
 	getwininfo()		get a list with window information
@@ -907,6 +919,7 @@ Interactive:					*interactive-functions*
 	getchar()		get a character from the user
 	getcharmod()		get modifiers for the last typed character
 	getmousepos()		get last known mouse position
+	echoraw()		output characters as-is
 	feedkeys()		put characters in the typeahead queue
 	input()			get a line from the user
 	inputlist()		let the user pick an entry from a list
@@ -948,6 +961,7 @@ Mappings and Menus:			    *mapping-funct
 	hasmapto()		check if a mapping exists
 	mapcheck()		check if a matching mapping exists
 	maparg()		get rhs of a mapping
+	mapset()		restore a mapping
 	menu_info()		get information about a menu item
 	wildmenumode()		check if the wildmode is active
@@ -968,11 +982,13 @@ Testing:				    *test-functions*
 	test_autochdir()	enable 'autochdir' during startup
 	test_override()		test with Vim internal overrides
 	test_garbagecollect_now()   free memory right now
+	test_garbagecollect_soon()  set a flag to free memory soon
 	test_getvalue()		get value of an internal variable
 	test_ignore_error()	ignore a specific error message
 	test_null_blob()	return a null Blob
 	test_null_channel()	return a null Channel
 	test_null_dict()	return a null Dict
+	test_null_function()	return a null Funcref
 	test_null_job()		return a null Job
 	test_null_list()	return a null List
 	test_null_partial()	return a null Partial function
@@ -982,6 +998,10 @@ Testing:				    *test-functions*
 	test_feedinput()	add key sequence to input buffer
 	test_option_not_set()	reset flag indicating option was set
 	test_scrollbar()	simulate scrollbar movement in the GUI
+	test_refcount()		return an expression's reference count
+	test_srand_seed()	set the seed value for srand()
+	test_unknown()		return a value with unknown type
+	test_void()		return a value with void type
 Inter-process communication:		    *channel-functions*
 	ch_canread()		check if there is something to read
@@ -993,8 +1013,8 @@ Inter-process communication:		    *chann
 	ch_readraw()		read a raw message from a channel
 	ch_sendexpr()		send a JSON message over a channel
 	ch_sendraw()		send a raw message over a channel
-	ch_evalexpr()		evaluates an expression over channel
-	ch_evalraw()		evaluates a raw string over channel
+	ch_evalexpr()		evaluate an expression over channel
+	ch_evalraw()		evaluate a raw string over channel
 	ch_status()		get status of a channel
 	ch_getbufnr()		get the buffer number of a channel
 	ch_getjob()		get the job associated with a channel
@@ -1007,7 +1027,7 @@ Inter-process communication:		    *chann
 	js_encode()		encode an expression to a JSON string
 	js_decode()		decode a JSON string to Vim types
-Jobs:		    			        *job-functions*
+Jobs:						*job-functions*
 	job_start()		start a job
 	job_stop()		stop a job
 	job_status()		get the status of a job
@@ -1050,6 +1070,7 @@ Terminal window:				*terminal-functions*
 	term_setkill()		set signal to stop job in a terminal
 	term_setrestore()	set command to restore a terminal
 	term_setsize()		set the size of a terminal
+	term_setapi()		set terminal JSON API function name prefix
 Popup window:					*popup-window-functions*
 	popup_create()		create popup centered in the screen
@@ -1068,9 +1089,13 @@ Popup window:					*popup-window-function
 	popup_close()		close one popup
 	popup_clear()		close all popups
 	popup_filter_menu()	select from a list of items
-	popup_filter_yesno()	blocks until 'y' or 'n' is pressed
+	popup_filter_yesno()	block until 'y' or 'n' is pressed
 	popup_getoptions()	get current options for a popup
 	popup_getpos()		get actual position and size of a popup
+	popup_findinfo()	get window ID for popup info window
+	popup_findpreview()	get window ID for popup preview window
+	popup_list()		get list of all popup window IDs
+	popup_locate()		get popup window ID from its screen position
 Timers:						*timer-functions*
 	timer_start()		create a timer
@@ -1090,8 +1115,27 @@ Prompt Buffer:					*promptbuffer-functio
 	prompt_setinterrupt()	set interrupt callback for a buffer
 	prompt_setprompt()	set the prompt text for a buffer
+Text Properties:				*text-property-functions*
+	prop_add()		attach a property at a position
+	prop_clear()		remove all properties from a line or lines
+	prop_find()		search for a property
+	prop_list()		return a list of all properties in a line
+	prop_remove()		remove a property from a line
+	prop_type_add()		add/define a property type
+	prop_type_change()	change properties of a type
+	prop_type_delete()	remove a text property type
+	prop_type_get()		return the properties of a type
+	prop_type_list()	return a list of all property types
+Sound:							*sound-functions*
+	sound_clear()		stop playing all sounds
+	sound_playevent()	play an event's sound
+	sound_playfile()	play a sound file
+	sound_stop()		stop playing a sound
 Various:					*various-functions*
 	mode()			get current editing mode
+	state()			get current busy state
 	visualmode()		last visual mode used
 	exists()		check if a variable, function, etc. exists
 	has()			check if a feature is supported in Vim
@@ -1100,6 +1144,9 @@ Various:					*various-functions*
 	did_filetype()		check if a FileType autocommand was used
 	eventhandler()		check if invoked by an event handler
 	getpid()		get process ID of Vim
+	getimstatus()		check if IME status is active
+	interrupt()		interrupt script execution
+	windowsversion()	get MS-Windows version
 	libcall()		call a function in an external library
 	libcallnr()		idem, returning a number
@@ -1117,12 +1164,14 @@ Various:					*various-functions*
 	wordcount()		get byte/word/char count of buffer
-	luaeval()		evaluate Lua expression
+	luaeval()		evaluate |Lua| expression
 	mzeval()		evaluate |MzScheme| expression
 	perleval()		evaluate Perl expression (|+perl|)
 	py3eval()		evaluate Python expression (|+python3|)
 	pyeval()		evaluate Python expression (|+python|)
 	pyxeval()		evaluate |python_x| expression
+	rubyeval()		evaluate |Ruby| expression
 	debugbreak()		interrupt a program being debugged
--- a/src/version.c
+++ b/src/version.c
@@ -747,6 +747,8 @@ static char *(features[]) =
 static int included_patches[] =
 {   /* Add new patch number below this line */
+    897,