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patch 8.1.2331: the option.c file is still very big Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Thu Nov 21 22:14:18 2019 +0100 patch 8.1.2331: the option.c file is still very big Problem: The option.c file is still very big. Solution: Move a few functions to where they fit better. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #4895)
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Thu, 21 Nov 2019 22:15:03 +0100
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/* ui.c */
void ui_write(char_u *s, int len);
void ui_inchar_undo(char_u *s, int len);
int ui_inchar(char_u *buf, int maxlen, long wtime, int tb_change_cnt);
int inchar_loop(char_u *buf, int maxlen, long wtime, int tb_change_cnt, int (*wait_func)(long wtime, int *interrupted, int ignore_input), int (*resize_func)(int check_only));
int ui_wait_for_chars_or_timer(long wtime, int (*wait_func)(long wtime, int *interrupted, int ignore_input), int *interrupted, int ignore_input);
int ui_char_avail(void);
void ui_delay(long msec, int ignoreinput);
void ui_suspend(void);
void suspend_shell(void);
int ui_get_shellsize(void);
void ui_set_shellsize(int mustset);
void ui_new_shellsize(void);
int ui_get_winpos(int *x, int *y, varnumber_T timeout);
void ui_breakcheck(void);
void ui_breakcheck_force(int force);
void clip_init(int can_use);
void clip_update_selection(Clipboard_T *clip);
void clip_own_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
void clip_lose_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
void start_global_changes(void);
int is_clipboard_needs_update(void);
void end_global_changes(void);
void clip_auto_select(void);
int clip_isautosel_star(void);
int clip_isautosel_plus(void);
void clip_modeless(int button, int is_click, int is_drag);
void clip_start_selection(int col, int row, int repeated_click);
void clip_process_selection(int button, int col, int row, int_u repeated_click);
void clip_may_redraw_selection(int row, int col, int len);
void clip_clear_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
void clip_may_clear_selection(int row1, int row2);
void clip_scroll_selection(int rows);
void clip_copy_modeless_selection(int both);
void clip_gen_set_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
void clip_gen_request_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
int clip_gen_owner_exists(Clipboard_T *cbd);
char *check_clipboard_option(void);
int vim_is_input_buf_full(void);
int vim_is_input_buf_empty(void);
int vim_free_in_input_buf(void);
int vim_used_in_input_buf(void);
char_u *get_input_buf(void);
void set_input_buf(char_u *p);
void add_to_input_buf(char_u *s, int len);
void add_to_input_buf_csi(char_u *str, int len);
void trash_input_buf(void);
int read_from_input_buf(char_u *buf, long maxlen);
void fill_input_buf(int exit_on_error);
void read_error_exit(void);
void ui_cursor_shape_forced(int forced);
void ui_cursor_shape(void);
int check_col(int col);
int check_row(int row);
void open_app_context(void);
void x11_setup_atoms(Display *dpy);
void x11_setup_selection(Widget w);
void clip_x11_request_selection(Widget myShell, Display *dpy, Clipboard_T *cbd);
void clip_x11_lose_selection(Widget myShell, Clipboard_T *cbd);
int clip_x11_own_selection(Widget myShell, Clipboard_T *cbd);
void clip_x11_set_selection(Clipboard_T *cbd);
void yank_cut_buffer0(Display *dpy, Clipboard_T *cbd);
void ui_focus_change(int in_focus);
void im_save_status(long *psave);
/* vim: set ft=c : */