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patch 8.2.0433: INT signal not properly tested Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Mon Mar 23 20:54:32 2020 +0100 patch 8.2.0433: INT signal not properly tested Problem: INT signal not properly tested. Solution: Add a test. Also clean up some unnecessary lines. (Dominique Pelle, closes #5828)
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Mon, 23 Mar 2020 21:00:04 +0100
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" Test signal handling.

source check.vim
source term_util.vim


source shared.vim

" Check whether a signal is available on this system.
func HasSignal(signal)
  let signals = system('kill -l')
  return signals =~# '\<' .. a:signal .. '\>'

" Test signal WINCH (window resize signal)
func Test_signal_WINCH()
  if !HasSignal('WINCH')
    throw 'Skipped: WINCH signal not supported'

  " We do not actually want to change the size of the terminal.
  let old_WS = ''
  if exists('&t_WS')
    let old_WS = &t_WS
    let &t_WS = ''

  let old_lines = &lines
  let old_columns = &columns
  let new_lines = &lines - 2
  let new_columns = &columns - 2

  exe 'set lines=' .. new_lines
  exe 'set columns=' .. new_columns
  call assert_equal(new_lines, &lines)
  call assert_equal(new_columns, &columns)

  " Send signal and wait for signal to be processed.
  " 'lines' and 'columns' should have been restored
  " after handing signal WINCH.
  exe 'silent !kill -s WINCH ' .. getpid()
  call WaitForAssert({-> assert_equal(old_lines, &lines)})
  call assert_equal(old_columns, &columns)

  if old_WS != ''
    let &t_WS = old_WS

" Test signal PWR, which should update the swap file.
func Test_signal_PWR()
  if !HasSignal('PWR')
    throw 'Skipped: PWR signal not supported'

  " Set a very large 'updatetime' and 'updatecount', so that we can be sure
  " that swap file is updated as a result of sending PWR signal, and not
  " because of exceeding 'updatetime' or 'updatecount' when changing buffer.
  set updatetime=100000 updatecount=100000
  new Xtest_signal_PWR
  let swap_name = swapname('%')
  call setline(1, '123')
  let swap_content = readfile(swap_name, 'b')

  " Update the buffer and check that the swap file is not yet updated,
  " since we set 'updatetime' and 'updatecount' to large values.
  call setline(1, 'abc')
  call assert_equal(swap_content, readfile(swap_name, 'b'))

  " Sending PWR signal should update the swap file.
  exe 'silent !kill -s PWR ' .. getpid()
  call WaitForAssert({-> assert_notequal(swap_content, readfile(swap_name, 'b'))})

  set updatetime& updatecount&

" Test signal INT. Handler sets got_int. It should be like typing CTRL-C.
func Test_signal_INT()
  if !HasSignal('INT')
    throw 'Skipped: INT signal not supported'

  " Skip the rest of the test when running with valgrind as signal INT is not
  " received somehow by Vim when running with valgrind.
  let cmd = GetVimCommand()
  if cmd =~ 'valgrind'
    throw 'Skipped: cannot test signal INT with valgrind'

  if !CanRunVimInTerminal()
    throw 'Skipped: cannot run vim in terminal'
  let buf = RunVimInTerminal('', {'rows': 6})
  let pid_vim = term_getjob(buf)->job_info().process

  " Check that an endless loop in Vim is interrupted by signal INT.
  call term_sendkeys(buf, ":while 1 | endwhile\n")
  call WaitForAssert({-> assert_equal(':while 1 | endwhile', term_getline(buf, 6))})
  exe 'silent !kill -s INT ' .. pid_vim
  call term_sendkeys(buf, ":call setline(1, 'INTERUPTED')\n")
  call WaitForAssert({-> assert_equal('INTERUPTED', term_getline(buf, 1))})

  call StopVimInTerminal(buf)