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# Toplevel Aap recipe for Vim spell files
# Usage:
# aap        generate all the .spl files
# aap diff   create all the diff files

# "hu" is at the end, because it takes a very long time.
# "eu" takes even longer (4 hours on my system).
LANG = af am bg br ca cs cy da de el en eo es fr fo ga gd gl he hr id it 
       ku la lt lv mg mi ms nb nl nn ny pl pt ro ru rw sk sl sv sw
       tet th tl tn tr uk yi zu hu eu

# Finnish doesn't work, the dictionary file contains hyphenation...

diff: $*LANG/diff
        :print Done.

# Use "aap publish" to upload the .spl files.
SPL_files = eu.utf-8.spl

UPDIR = rsync://
:attr {publish = $UPDIR/%file%} $SPL_files

@for l in string.split(_no.LANG):
        :child $l/main.aap

# The existing .spl files need to be generated when the spell file format
# changes.  Depending on the Vim executable does that, but results in doing it
# much too often.  Generate a dummy .spl file and let the .spl depend on it, so
# that they are outdated when it changes.
:child check/main.aap
*.spl: check/check.latin1.spl