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date Sun, 07 Jun 2020 21:15:04 +0200
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# Aap recipe for Basque Vim spell files.
# NOTE: This takes a VERY long time: several hours on a modern PC, more than
# a day on older systems.

# Select the amount of memory that can be used.
# Default.
#SETTING = 'set mkspellmem=460000,2000,500'

# For about 1 Tbyte of RAM.
#SETTING = 'set mkspellmem=900000,4000,1000'

# For about 2 Tbyte of RAM.
#SETTING = 'set mkspellmem=1900000,8000,2000'

# For about 4 Tbyte of RAM.
#SETTING = 'set mkspellmem=3900000,16000,4000'

# For about 8 Tbyte of RAM.
SETTING = 'set mkspellmem=7900000,30000,8000'

# Use a freshly compiled Vim if it exists.
@if os.path.exists('../../../src/vim'):
    VIM = ../../../src/vim
    :progsearch VIM vim

FILES    = eu_ES.aff eu_ES.dic

all: $SPELLDIR/eu.utf-8.spl ../README_eu.txt

$SPELLDIR/eu.utf-8.spl : $FILES
        :sys env LANG=eu_ES.UTF-8
		$VIM -u NONE -e -c $SETTING -c "mkspell! $SPELLDIR/eu eu_ES" -c q

# Fetching the files.
# URL suggested by Zuhaitz Beloki Leiza.
:attr {fetch =} xuxen_5.1_hunspell.tar.gz

# The files don't depend on the tar file so that we can delete it.
# Only download the tar file if the targets don't exist.
eu_ES.aff eu_ES.dic: {buildcheck=}
        :assertpkg tar
        :fetch xuxen_5.1_hunspell.tar.gz
        :sys tar xf xuxen_5.1_hunspell.tar.gz
        :update cleanunused
        @if not os.path.exists('eu_ES.orig.aff'):
            :copy eu_ES.aff eu_ES.orig.aff
        @if not os.path.exists('eu_ES.orig.dic'):
            :copy eu_ES.dic eu_ES.orig.dic
        @if os.path.exists('eu_ES.diff'):
            :sys patch <eu_ES.diff

../README_eu.txt : LICENSE.txt
        :cat $source >! $target

# Delete all the files unpacked from the archive
clean: cleanunused
        :delete {f} eu_ES.dic
        :delete {f} eu_ES.aff

# Delete all the files from the archive that are not used, including the
# archive itself.
        :delete {f} xuxen_5.1_hunspell.tar.gz

# Generate diff files, so that others can get the files and apply
# the diffs to get the Vim versions.

        :assertpkg diff
        :sys {force} diff -a -C 1 eu_ES.orig.aff eu_ES.aff >eu_ES.diff
        :sys {force} diff -a -C 1 eu_ES.orig.dic eu_ES.dic >>eu_ES.diff

# vim: set sts=4 sw=4 :