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patch 8.2.0448: various functions not properly tested Commit: Author: Bram Moolenaar <> Date: Wed Mar 25 22:23:46 2020 +0100 patch 8.2.0448: various functions not properly tested Problem: Various functions not properly tested. Solution: Add more tests, especially for failures. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5843)
author Bram Moolenaar <>
date Wed, 25 Mar 2020 22:30:04 +0100
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" Tests for Unicode manipulations
source view_util.vim

" Visual block Insert adjusts for multi-byte char
func Test_visual_block_insert()
  call setline(1, ["aaa", "あああ", "bbb"])
  exe ":norm! gg0l\<C-V>jjIx\<Esc>"
  call assert_equal(['axaa', 'xあああ', 'bxbb'], getline(1, '$'))

" Test for built-in function strchars()
func Test_strchars()
  let inp = ["a", "あいa", "A\u20dd", "A\u20dd\u20dd", "\u20dd"]
  let exp = [[1, 1, 1], [3, 3, 3], [2, 2, 1], [3, 3, 1], [1, 1, 1]]
  for i in range(len(inp))
    call assert_equal(exp[i][0], strchars(inp[i]))
    call assert_equal(exp[i][1], inp[i]->strchars(0))
    call assert_equal(exp[i][2], strchars(inp[i], 1))
  call assert_fails("let v=strchars('abc', [])", 'E474:')
  call assert_fails("let v=strchars('abc', 2)", 'E474:')

" Test for customlist completion
func CustomComplete1(lead, line, pos)
	return ['あ', 'い']

func CustomComplete2(lead, line, pos)
	return ['あたし', 'あたま', 'あたりめ']

func CustomComplete3(lead, line, pos)
	return ['Nこ', 'Nん', 'Nぶ']

func Test_customlist_completion()
  command -nargs=1 -complete=customlist,CustomComplete1 Test1 echo
  call feedkeys(":Test1 \<C-L>\<C-B>\"\<CR>", 'itx')
  call assert_equal('"Test1 ', getreg(':'))

  command -nargs=1 -complete=customlist,CustomComplete2 Test2 echo
  call feedkeys(":Test2 \<C-L>\<C-B>\"\<CR>", 'itx')
  call assert_equal('"Test2 あた', getreg(':'))

  command -nargs=1 -complete=customlist,CustomComplete3 Test3 echo
  call feedkeys(":Test3 \<C-L>\<C-B>\"\<CR>", 'itx')
  call assert_equal('"Test3 N', getreg(':'))

  call garbagecollect(1)

" Yank one 3 byte character and check the mark columns.
func Test_getvcol()
  call setline(1, "x\u2500x")
  normal 0lvy
  call assert_equal(2, col("'["))
  call assert_equal(4, col("']"))
  call assert_equal(2, virtcol("'["))
  call assert_equal(2, virtcol("']"))

func Test_list2str_str2list_utf8()
  " One Unicode codepoint
  let s = "\u3042\u3044"
  let l = [0x3042, 0x3044]
  call assert_equal(l, str2list(s, 1))
  call assert_equal(s, list2str(l, 1))
  if &enc ==# 'utf-8'
    call assert_equal(str2list(s), str2list(s, 1))
    call assert_equal(list2str(l), list2str(l, 1))

  " With composing characters
  let s = "\u304b\u3099\u3044"
  let l = [0x304b, 0x3099, 0x3044]
  call assert_equal(l, str2list(s, 1))
  call assert_equal(s, l->list2str(1))
  if &enc ==# 'utf-8'
    call assert_equal(str2list(s), str2list(s, 1))
    call assert_equal(list2str(l), list2str(l, 1))

  " Null list is the same as an empty list
  call assert_equal('', list2str([]))
  call assert_equal('', list2str(test_null_list()))

func Test_list2str_str2list_latin1()
  " When 'encoding' is not multi-byte can still get utf-8 string.
  " But we need to create the utf-8 string while 'encoding' is utf-8.
  let s = "\u3042\u3044"
  let l = [0x3042, 0x3044]

  let save_encoding = &encoding
  set encoding=latin1
  let lres = str2list(s, 1)
  let sres = list2str(l, 1)
  call assert_equal([65, 66, 67], str2list("ABC"))

  let &encoding = save_encoding
  call assert_equal(l, lres)
  call assert_equal(s, sres)

func Test_screenchar_utf8()

  " 1-cell, with composing characters 
  call setline(1, ["ABC\u0308"])
  call assert_equal([0x0041], screenchars(1, 1))
  call assert_equal([0x0042], 1->screenchars(2))
  call assert_equal([0x0043, 0x0308], screenchars(1, 3))
  call assert_equal("A", screenstring(1, 1))
  call assert_equal("B", screenstring(1, 2))
  call assert_equal("C\u0308", screenstring(1, 3))

  " 2-cells, with composing characters 
  let text = "\u3042\u3044\u3046\u3099"
  call setline(1, text)
  call assert_equal([0x3042], screenchars(1, 1))
  call assert_equal([0], screenchars(1, 2))
  call assert_equal([0x3044], screenchars(1, 3))
  call assert_equal([0], screenchars(1, 4))
  call assert_equal([0x3046, 0x3099], screenchars(1, 5))

  call assert_equal("\u3042", screenstring(1, 1))
  call assert_equal("", screenstring(1, 2))
  call assert_equal("\u3044", screenstring(1, 3))
  call assert_equal("", screenstring(1, 4))
  call assert_equal("\u3046\u3099", screenstring(1, 5))

  call assert_equal([text . '  '], ScreenLines(1, 8))


" vim: shiftwidth=2 sts=2 expandtab